Rupiah might get revalued

With several zeros slashed — similar to what Turkey did a few years ago (before that, a kebab used to cost several million liras!)

Whether avaricious tax collector oknums might seize the opportunity to impose a tax when old notes are exchanged for new ones or not, only time will tell. Hopefully we can avoid the mistake that the North Korean government recently did, but sadly, as is the case in Russia, even well-intended legislations are often ignored on the ground.

Going back to the topic of literacy for a bit, one wonders whether the Jakarta Post‘s library is equipped with decent dictionaries. From their coverage of the topic:

The central bank is deliberating a potential Rupiah denomination [sic] in light of decreasing exchange rate valuations against the US dollar in recent years.

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2 Responses to Rupiah might get revalued

  1. avatar David says:

    Better save that one for posterity

    • avatar Michel S. says:

      Nice one, David. I saved a printable version of the article too — Jakarta Post does not provide a printable version (their webmaster really needs to learn a few tricks), but arc90’s readability tool more than compensates for that.

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